Paletli Ürünler İçin Kayar Raf Sistemi


Standard Flow Racking system can be applied for all types of racking systems and allows users to keep a permanent inventory material balance and minimize stock breakage risk.

This system guarantees perfect product turnover, prevents interference in the replenishment and collection of material, and increases speed in order preparation.

It is designed for areas in the warehouse with a large volume of picking as they increase the number of lines to prepare and remove the need for personnel to make unnecessary journeys when doing these operations.

This system is used for both cartons and boxes.

In Flow Racks, goods are fed into the system at the on-load face and flow down gently to the off-loader picking face, thus, an automatic stock circulation is provided.

Each product has a dedicated lane, therefore, order picking faults will be minimized.

Picking and replenishment are totally separated, avoiding blockage and bottlenecks.